7/4/2016 Base Camp Established

In spite of vehicles down for repair, kitchen still partly disassembled needing paint, and life in general, the wife and I said Fsck It. and headed out. We’re camped out in the hills of VA. Haven’t heard any banjos yet, but there’s a bunch of other campers around. As the Zombie Truck is down for engine mount problems, Wife drove her CheapGP. Just relaxing now, updating the blog, and eating freshly grilled pupusas. Chicken and steak are on the portable charcoal grill. More when we get from vacation next week!

RV camping

In the meantime, everyone hoist one for our brothers and sisters who gave us the opportunity to celebrate this holiday. And think of the Brits who’ve voted to separate themselves from their overlords, the EU!

Please check on the cats for us while we’re out, and I promise to repay in beer or soda. Or fresh Mexican dinner!