About Wandering Neurons

I’m an old-school computer nerd. Raised on punch card and pre-Macintosh Apple computers, I’m still working on computers and doing computer security (Information Assurance).

I spent a few years after college working for Uncle Sam as a “bus driver” (USAF), then got out to get back into computers. I’ve progressed through a number of different companies and agencies, no end in sight.

In my spare time, I fix stuff, read, torment the house pets, and sleep. I’ve been known to: tear out walls and rewire/rebuild, wire the transmission harness for our 38′ RV, build a Zombie Emergency Response Vehicle (ZERV), drive an ambulance for fun (volunteer EMT-B), shoot guns, visit with other bloggers, aid my wife when she needs help, visit family, read science fiction (the hard stuff, no sparkly vampires).

I’ve never been on the “bleeding edge” of life, but I’ve worked with and supported people on the front lines. Hats off to them, wherever they are and wherever they’ve served. Thank you.