Another Insurance Thought

So, I’m recovering nicely from bariatric surgery, down nearly 15 lbs since the operation. I’m fortunate that though I was technically morbidly obese, it was just barely morbidly, more like significantly obese. A combination of weight, family medical history, and encroaching diseases weighed in the favor of insurance paying for the surgery as a weight control method and to stall further disease.

My wife, on the other hand, was truly morbidly obese, heavily diabetic, and was dealing with a large number of diabetes and weight induced problems. And was taking a huge number of medications to stall the inevitable necrosis, loss of eyesight, and dialysis. At the time, my employer was partly self-insured and would not pay for her bariatric surgery, so we went out of country. The procedure went quickly and was much cheaper than in the US. And thankfully, she’s now literally half the woman she was five years ago, diabetes and other medical issues now gone.

One major side effect of any major weight loss is the leftover stretched skin. As mentioned, I’m not that obese and stretched and should be lucky enough that I won’t have the sags. Maybe a small case of the “moobs”. Unfortunately, my wife does have the baggy skin and it’s a real mental issue for her. I won’t say just how bad it is for her mentally, but it’s bad for both of us in that respect.

Which brings me to the real topic of this post: My wife, without therapy, is having huge issues with the amount of skin left hanging around her middle, her arms, and her legs, not to mention other “fatty tissues” which aren’t as perky any more. Insurance will not willingly pay for the cosmetic surgery that would alleviate her of the added weight and stress of this leftover stretched skin. She must suffer ulcers and rashes of her leftover skin for months, documented by doctors, before insurance MAY cover the surgery. On the other hand, Obamacare forces insurance companies to cover gender-change hormones and surgery. In this case, both patients, my wife and Jenner, are having issues with their body, issues that can be remedied by something close to cosmetic/plastic surgery. In this case, my wife’s problem is brought about as the result of a medical condition, whereas for Jenner and his/her ilk, the problem is strictly a mental condition which does not effect their lifestyle to the degree that it effects my wife. Why won’t insurance pay for my wife’s surgery but the same company is forced to pay for gender-change/reassignment?

Besides that, leftover skin can be used as grafting material for burn victims. What use is a used willy once it’s removed from its owner?

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  1. Heard ALL that, and maybe they could graft it onto Obama… I think Michelle hid his…

    • Avatar Wandering Neurons
      Wandering Neurons says:

      You’re assuming that he had one to begin with, that his dear departed Mom didn’t do a number to him. Like is happening to boys nowadays, that gender identity thing…