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  • Not Dead Yet

    No, not dead yet. Just in stasis. Job change, am no longer running to DC every day not working in a vault all the time, and much better company, some neat operations. Maybe more later. Lots of new vehicle news, some big projects. House-work, some camping…

    But for today – HOMEWORK. Decide if my arguments are valid or not!

    1. AntiFa = Nazi: Both are nominally left-wing offshoots of Marxism. And the recent political problems stem from the desire to denigrate or disown one over the other, if you don’t want to be branded a Racist or some other irrelevant term.
    2. Universal Basic Income = Sports Participation Award: Show up, have a pulse, get free stuff saying you’re great and deserve recognition. It’s the next step after taxpayer-supported health care, except with the health care, you don’t need a pulse. Or to vote either, for that matter.
    3. Tearing down monuments of Confederates/slaveholders (not always the same) = ISIS: ISIS decided to tear down historical statues/monuments/carvings because they didn’t like them (nominally religions reasons). Someone (next paragraph) thinks it’s a good idea to tear down long-standing monuments (think Stone Mountain), statues, and carvings, because they represent something they don’t like (Southern independence or slavery). In the meantime, they’re actively trying to change history. Interestingly, it’s their own history they’re destroying. See Democrats, Reconstruction, KKK, etc.
    4. Corollary: There are a number of former legislators who were on the side of the KKK and other terrorist-like organization (used terror to achieve political goals). Are the Democrats/Media/AntiFa/etc. willing to disown them, tear down their monuments, rename their buildings, etc?
    5. (Referenced 3) Just who is it that’s decided that all of these statues/monuments/carvings are suddenly an anathema to common sense and a threat to their freedom? The only folks I’m seeing who don’t like these are a few scarce politicians and the talking heads of the Main Stream Media (foo, spit). And some of the crazies in Q.1.

    Assignment submissions are due next Monday by noon.

    Till then, have a good weekend and keep your head down!


  • Word of the Day: Techniguess

    Was attending Powerpoint briefings all day today, and was presented with your next Word of the Day (misspelling of the plural of “technique”):



    An highly technical opinion presented by a Subject Matter Expert. Ranges in accuracy somewhere between a Wild-Ass Guess (WAG) and a Shitty Wild-Ass Guess (SWAG)
    OTOH, life has been busy, between working on the house, the car, the Zombie truck, the RV, and work in general. Am healthy and reasonably happy. Just can’t wait till after Election Day, to see which way our Country shifts politically.
    And Fool on the Hill is slowly healing after getting triple-bypass surgery.
    Also, Appleseed training was a real blast. Highly recommended. I didn’t do great, what with an unproven rifle and scope. Planning on doing again in the near future. Do it! (Appleseed Info). No, I’m not getting compensation for this…
    Finally, I’m overdue on book reviews, though book reading time has been cut considerably, I hope to take care of that this weekend.

  • No Penalty Clause

    One issue of a long drive to/from work is time to think. Lots of thinking every day, about three hours or so. And after all the hooraw going on, I’ve come up with another Deep Thought.

    A lot of our social and political problems nowadays are caused because there is No Penalty Clause. Think about it. At a high level, those of us who’ve had or dealt with kids: what happens when you do not impose immediate and meaningful punishment on a child who has misbehaved? You only encourage more of that behavior. And the child expands their behavior to see what else they can get away with. Same with animal training – you reinforce the behavior you want, and punish for inappropriate behavior. It works, trust me.

    So now:

    We do not punish people who have children out of wedlock – we encourage it with subsidized abortions and abortifacts, and give good money and other freebies to those who do carry to term but cannot afford or won’t work to support that child.

    We have given up on punishing people who treat their bodies like chemical waste dumps – we do everything socially and medically to extend their reduced and painful lives.

    We do not punish the people who encouraged and abetted high-risk home and auto loans – we bail out the lending institutions and allow refinancing of the loans with government backing.

    We do not punish the auto manufacturing companies that could not compete in the market because of their debts to the unions (that they voluntarily crawled in bed with) – we bail them out with taxpayer money and short the company investors. Which also allows them to escape massive recalls which they avoided prior to their reorganization.

    We do not capture and punish the morons who drive off-road motorcycles and quads on the city streets – we do not chase them because it’s too dangerous (to who is it dangerous?). However, if there’s a car chase, we’re all about showing it live on TV.

    We don’t punish the protestors that block the highways and freeways, destroying businesses like a swarm of locust – we encourage them by withholding the police (that they are protesting) and giving them “safe places” to protest.

    We don’t go in and punish the splodey-dopes – we give their country more money and/or encourage more of them to come into our nice countries because theirs is such a sh!t-hole.

    We do not punish those who refuse to use government email accounts (they’re too complicated) and lie about why they’re used – we encourage them to run for President.

    We do not punish those who run their political party into the ground, badmouthing the candidates who are not favored, and supporting those who are not favored – we give them better jobs (think Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, ex-DNC Chair, now a Clinton employee).

    We no longer kick our unloved politicians from office to return to their practice/farm/business (at least not one that sucks off the taxpayer’s teat) – those individuals are now Government Employees With Agendas with near perpetual hands in our pockets, if not as a legislator, as a consultant or lobbyist.

    And the pundits wonder why Bernie and The Don have made it this far. We’re fed up with the status quo and want real Change, not the change left in our pockets from the last umpty-dozen years of politicians who don’t leave office when they’re done.

  • July 4th, Independence Day. July 5th, the Day it Died

    My Wife and I are P-O’ed. My one or two readers know that I work in some strange areas, like others that I’ve associated with in the blog-world. Wife does similar work. So we’ve had clearances out the wazoo for a long time. There’s a lot of trust that has been given us over the years, the government trusts us to protect some of our Nation’s most valuable information. We’ve given up a number of our freedoms when we accepted the responsibilities.

    But today, all of that has been thrown away, thanks to Hillary Clinton. Somehow, the Director of the FBI, James Comey, twisted multiple laws to state that Hillary did not “intend” to put the information that she and her gang of thieves had access to, at risk of theft or misuse.

    Sorry, it doesn’t wash. So, let the memes begin:

    The drunk driver did not “intend” to hit the car full of orphaned children.

    Ted Kennedy did not “intend” to drown Mary Jo Kopechne when he failed to rescue her from his drunken crash into the creek.

    The truck driver in Arizona watching porn on his tablet while driving did not “intend” to kill the folks that he hit.

    OJ Simpson did not “intend” to kill his ex-wife.

    The list goes on…

    When will the madness stop?


  • The Rest of the 2016 Elections

    What with all the furor as to the current crop of Presidential candidates (ugh), what’s up with the rest of the national elections? There’s candidates for both Senate and House of Reps that are up for elections. IIRC, 1/3 of the Senate turns over, and a major chunk of the House. Why haven’t we heard more on these? Is it that bad or just the Media trying to throw the focus away from good/bad news? Congress controls the purse strings, declares war, and vets Supreme Court nominees, among other “important” things. What gives? Even conservative media is silent on this.


  • Guess the Party

    So, all of a sudden in the course of a Holiday weekend, Illinois State Senator Terry Link proposed to radically alter the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, which significantly restricts use of biometric data collected on its citizens. Basically, the law requires permission for online services to scan images of you and add them to their biometric recognition algorithms. And Illinois is suing major online players for violation of their law.

    But now the good State Senator is trying to change that law by using a rider to another bill, and weaken Illinois’ citizen’s privacy. And mysteriously (unexpectedly?), the Senator’s Party is nowhere mentioned in the above article. Wonder why!?!?!

    Because he’s a Democrat, that’s why. From the Senator’s official web page.

    Wonder who’s paying him off…

  • Memorial Day 2016

    To all of those who served and survived, thank you for your service and commitment.

    For those who did not return, you will always be on my mind, this day and always.

    My father, my both grandfathers, my kids and assorted cousins and nephews, thank you.

    Enjoy this holiday, but keep in mind, it is not our holiday, it is to remember those who have put their country before their own lives.

    That is all…


  • Democratic Party = USSR

    So… Those of us old enough to remember, and those of us who got a good education in European/Asian history may remember this about the good old Soviet Union, and China as well: In both of these countries, you had several levels of people – the proles, who did the labor and suffered the most. The Party members, who had a better opportunity for jobs, food, housing, etc. based on their commitment and membership. And the Leadership itself, with the best of everything, as long as they were in favor.

    Why bring this up? Think about the Democratic National Committee, and the flailings that are going on between The Bern and Shrillary. Based on popularity, The Bern is in the lead for the Democratic nomination, but Shrillary has a lock on the DNC’s superdelegates. So here’s what’s interesting. The superdelegates hold the key to the DNC nomination. The superdelegates are not committed to state voters. They are independent of what the voters want. Who are superdelegates? Democratic politicians in office, former politicians, and distinguished party leaders. In other words, Party members. Which means that Party members hold a significant sway in choosing the Presidential candidate, and can essentially override what the voters have chosen at the primary elections.

    Not that the Republicans don’t have the same issue either, but the number of superdelegates is significantly reduced and does not hold as much influence in the final decision. But things are getting interesting, what with the entrenched leadership of both parties trying to sway and decide who they want to represent them in the election. Not who the proles people want to represent them as their President.

    If it weren’t for my bariatric surgery (down to 173 lbs now), I’d be stocking up on alcohol and popcorn, then sitting back to watch the fireworks at the Conventions later this year.

    Sounds like Animal Farm: All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

    Debate amongst yourselves while I work on the BMW in the garage…

  • Tennessee State Weapon

    Must laugh. I grew up in Middle Tennessee and love the area. Very cosmopolitan, lots of things to do there. Great schools, museums, lots of history, beautiful scenery, and fantastic growth potential. Several auto manufacturers have moved into the state in the last 20 years, Dell Computer is now there, and Beretta is moving to the state.

    But one weapons company has them beat: Barrett. Barrett started in Murfreesboro, just a few miles outside of Nashville. Been there years, started with their .50 BMG rifle and progressed from there. Now reviled by leftists and the Media (yeah, I know, one and the same). I’ve shot one round from one at one of Lagniappe’s Lair‘s blogshoots, and it was a “blast”. Huge weapon, not something someone would easily carry around. Also, one can see an early Barrett M82 in the original Robocop movie, dolled up as the Cobra Assault Cannon. In 1987. That’s at least how long the .50 has been around.

    So now, the Washington Post/Bird Cage Paper is breathless and beside itself now that the Barrett .50 is now the Official State Rifle. Found the note on Instapundit who linked to the paywalled WPO story. Congrats to the State of Tennessee for poking the eye of the anti-gun crowd!!!

    Also from Glenn’s post, the WPo notes that “it can destroy an airplane”. As Glenn notes, just about any rifle can do it when hitting the right location. But of more fun, LL of Virtual Mirage, in his book Bloody Mexico: A Novel of Cartel Wars (reviewed here), LL posits doing just so: Taking down an airliner with a .50. Who’da thunk it? Prescient or prior planning… I don’t want to know the answer to that.

  • Stuff in General

    Well, life’s been busy here, but I figured I’d drop in for a moment and throw some thoughts your way.

    First, it was pointed out on another blog (that I cannot find again) why our current DoJ is in a HUGE conundrum about bringing charges against Hillary Clinton. In 1999, Loretta Lynch was appointed to the position of US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. She left the position after two years to work for a law firm, and at the same time served on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In 2010, she was re-appointed to the  position as US Attorney for Eastern NY. In 2014, she was appointed to the position of Attorney General of the US as the replacement for Eric Holder.

    Her 1999 appointment to US Attorney for East NY was done by then President Bill Clinton. The subsequent reappointment to US Attorney for East NY was done by President (gah) Obama, who then made her Attorney General in 2014.

    Soooo, who’s side is she more beholden to, the Clintons who got her the cherry position the first time, or Obama, who put her back in that position and pushed her higher in the food chain. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to decide if she’s going to prosecute her former benefactor.

    The above info can be found on Wikipedia.

    Another ugly thought: My current position is as BlackBerry Server God, or at least Chief Minion for the BlackBerry Servers. In the business setting, BlackBerry servers connect to the Exchange email servers to receive and sent emails. But BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (BES) do not send the email directly to the BlackBerry phone, iPhone, or Android phone, we should be so lucky. BES servers int eh office send the emails to the BlackBerry system in Canada, where the email/calendar/messaging traffic is then routed to the appropriate cell service provider for the user’s BlackBerry. Which means that Hillary Clinton, the same one running as the (barely leading) Democratic Candidate for President, her unclassified and classified email traffic left her unsecured server in the bathroom, traveled to the BES server in an unknown location, thence to the BlackBerry Enterprise system in Canada, and finally to the BlackBerry device pictured here:








    And a few hundred other places. Same blue BlackBerry. CrackBerry, as they are know. Trust BlackBerry’s encryption? I don’t. That’s why Another Agency souped one up to handle anything above Unclassified. I’ve seen and used a Secure BB in another life.And the little blue BB is NOT a secure BB by any stretch of the imagination. Wonder who built and maintained her BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and where it was secured. And if the BlackBerry Enterprise servers in Canada were secured…


    On the other hand, this giggle was stolen from The Lonely Libertarian:


    More another day. It’s been car-crazy here.

  • History Repeating Itself

    So 10 US Navy Sailors are now guests of the Iranian Republic. Why do I feel like 1979, when over 60 US citizens became the guests of Iran for 444 days? Lemme see: weak president, check. Lame duck president, check. Weakened US military, check. War in the Gulf, check.

    I wonder how long these sailors will be held. Will Barry try to use our SF folks to rescue them if this drags out (probably not)? Will Iran use this as an opportunity to force our hand and relieve the sanctions? Could this happen at a worse time? Will we wind up trading something of incredible value for their release?

    I predict that Barry will whine and bluster and either lift sanctions (very bad) or just do nothing (almost as bad). And the we’ll get (pray) Trump or Cruz and the Iranians will roll over after the 2017 Inauguration.

    Either way, not good. Pray for the Sailors safe and expeditious return.

  • Stardate 121220152036

    Well, it’s been busy here. Wife and I took the RV about five hours away, spent the weekend shopping for clothes after giving nearly all of mine away. Post-surgery, I’m now down to 200 lbs, size 38 (maybe 36) pants, much smaller dress shirts. Good trip, the Zombie Truck in trail.

    Spent Thanksgiving with kids, grandkids, and in-laws. Went back the next week and got a free Jeep, the kids’ old Liberty. It needs TLC, and I’m happy to fix it up for the Wife to drive. So far: radiator, hoses, thermostat, battery, window regulators, fluids, cleaned the Intake Air Controller, new hood and rear window struts. So it’s an investment, but a good buy. I call it the CheapGP, but the wife wants GP-GP.

    Work is a big Meh for now.

    And the world is turning to poo. Politics sucks right now, or leaders aren’t leading the country, they’re wandering off wherever the money and benefits are.

    Matt Drudge posted this picture yesterday:

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets supporters during a town hall meeting Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015, in Waterloo, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets supporters during a town hall meeting Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015, in Waterloo, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)


    Scary right? Compare and contrast with this:

    Emperor Sidious. A.k.a. Darth Sidious

    Any resemblance is just circumstantial. I hope…


  • Thought For The Day

    According to this article, “An estimated six million to eight million displaced people are still in Syria, and more than four million Syrian refugees are in Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon.”

    What the article isn’t telling you is this: The CIA’s World Factbook on Syria tells us that Syria’s estimated population in 2014 was 14 million.

    Which means that one-half of the population of Syria is considered “displaced” and qualifies for special consideration, including resettlement in another country (EU, England, the US, etc).

    Makes one wonder just how much of a plan there was, or what the plan was, when it was declared that Bashar Al-Asad was an enemy of his people…

    Conspiracy theories anyone?

  • And So It Begins

    Two major events, one over the course of this week, the other exploding last night, I think are precursors to a major shift in politics. One that we went through in the ’60s, only fifty years ago. The other event about 500 years ago.

    The first major event is what’s happening at Yale and Mizzou (University of Missouri). Radical students are forcing their opinions on staff and faculty, forcing the leadership of the schools to either apologize, resign, or both. The students are radicals, were raised by radicals, have money, and now have the taste of blood in their mouths. I’m guessing that either the universities will capitulate to a point and then we will wind up with another Kent State-type event (May 4, 1970). It’s an escalation of opinions and demonstrations.

    The second major event is the attacks that went on all last night (Nov 13) in Paris, France. I haven’t seen a lot on it yet, but from what I have seen, it seems like the “students”, the same ones that hold a “Car-B-Que” every New Years Eve in France have now turned deadly. Those “students” are not students, they’re radical Muslims that France has allowed to immigrate into their country, bringing in their own morals and civilization (such as it is). I’ve seen something over 100 people killed so far. Expect this to get much worse, as the entire EU has allowed the same group of immigrants across nearly its entire surface, to include England. Same thing as the above at Yale and Mizzou: The new folks, mostly young males Muslims have already gotten pushy, creating havoc, expecting everything and giving nothing worthwhile. Europeans are getting tired of their attitude and will eventually push back in the only way that they know how: military or military-like force. Either that or be overrun as done during the reign of the Ottoman Empire.

    Add in the sudden increase in radicals shooting and stabbing in this country without a lot of documented attribution to their cause (ISIS flags, quotes in pockets, yelling and screaming, etc).

    Time to stock up on popcorn, this is going to get interesting, especially as they’ve been finding terrorists coming across our borders. Be prepared!

  • It Ain’t A’ Right

    The Silicon Graybeard, in a recent post, writes about “Being what you want to be” and very briefly touches on Rights and “Rights”. (Note the quotes throughout this blog) As The Graybeard describes, people are becoming what they want to be – boys becoming girls, Caucasian people becoming “African American”, Caucasian people becoming Indians (feather, not dot), “African American” people becoming Caucasian. Not mentioned are people becoming animals (through tattoos and surgery), people becoming animated dolls (think human Ken and Barbie), and other strange variants. This is actually freedom of choice, until these folks start demanding special status as one of their “Rights”.

    What are Rights? Well, as you SHOULD know from your American History lesson, but repeated here, Rights are part of the legal document known as the U.S. Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights. Corollary to these are the Amendments to the Constitution. If you very carefully read all of these rights, you note one particular thing: They are guarantees of protection or freedom granted to the individual/citizen, or impose limits to the federal Government. None of these Rights take away from the freedoms of the individual/citizen. These Rights also do not impose a cost or charge on these same people.

    This is significantly different than the “Rights” that are being claimed by any number of whining groups nowadays. Groups such as LBGT(eieio), pedo’s, illegal aliens (yeah, I’m going there), etc, are claiming crazy things as “Rights”. Amazingly, and with a lot of brashness, the illegal community has published a list of “Rights”, that grants them special privileges and guarantees, not Rights. Add in the other things groups are claiming such as free water, free wireless Internet, free phones, etc. The UN has a nasty habit of adding to this list of “Rights”. All of the the groups mentioned in this paragraph, and a universe more not listed, are claiming that they deserve to have these “Rights” respected by everyone in the U.S., whether we accept that that these are “Rights” or are Rights.

    Note the difference as mentioned above: The Bill of Rights grants freedoms and protection to the individual, but at NO COST to that individual. The “Rights” as mentioned above fall into two groups: they either take something away from individuals at some price (money, freedom, safety) or they force acceptance of, or elevate, particular groups, elevating them above others due to their “Rights”.

    Or as Inigo Montoya says so eloquently: Inigo+Montoya+from+The+Princess+Bride+_5eb38f6e2f66bcfb3c178e52e0882339

  • ObamaCare Ripoff

    As people are (slowly in some cases) learning, everything that the President says either has an expiration date or is the opposite of what he’s truly planning to enact. Witness Syria (or not). No boots on the ground. Period. What about the Operator just killed there, and now plans to, heaven forbid, send troops there. OTOH, ObamaCare was a blatant lie. There’s no way in God’s Green Earth that his plan (not that it was really his plan) would do anything other than raise the cost of health insurance.

    Earlier today the company that I work for had a series of meetings explaining our 2016 benefits. We have less than two weeks to decide on what insurance to sign up for for the whole of next year. We don’t have as many choices as we had last year, and the choices that we are given are more expensive than the same thing last year. So what’s the chaser? Another insurance company is offering plans that fork over money for such things as Critical Medical Emergencies, Out of Work periods, and such craziness. So in effect, we now pay more for lesser policies and can buy more insurance to fund the gap in what what we receive. Even weirder, my wife’s company is offering more comprehensive policies, more choices, and her company is not much bigger than mine (I think). But it’s a different insurance company, one of the few that’s remaining after all of the consolidation that’s going on.

    The representatives from our company and the insurance company rep didn’t have any good things to say about ObamaCare. Even funnier, they all talked about how doctors have “fired” them as patients for contesting billing, and how opaque health care prices truly are. How can one expect to try to save money on health care when there’s no way to compare prices? The insurance companies are throwing the burden of saving money on us without the tools to do the job.

    And who gets hurt? The lowest income, always. Even with the credits and such, there’s little incentive to invest in insurance, much less preventative measures.

    Worst thing? You can’t even quit the health care system without being charged more and more. Make the stupidity STOP!

  • Stardate 102620151411

    Well, home safely and comfortably after surgery. Some major pain caused by the trapped gas, in both my stomach/intestines (inflate them looking for leaks) and my abdomen (blown up for laproscopic surgery). Not taking meds any more, and getting some liquid nutrition finally. Going slow, haven’t gotten nauseated or sick, two effects if I eat too fast with my new tiny stomach.

    They had to shave my belly to do the surgery. It’s gonna itch like a son-of-a-gun in a few days:IMG_0192

    But it’s given me time to do some thinking and TV watching, while missing the BlogShoot. Go check out the sidebar for OldNFO, Miller, Lagniappe, and others’ photos of the shoot.

    I’m not sure how many people are aware, but Google has  made some interesting corporate changes recently. They’ve bought a robotics manufacturer, making military-grade robots and exoskeletons. They’re working on autonomous self-driving cars. They’ve made a major push into the medical informatics field, providing electronic medical records software and support. They’ve dropped their corporate motto of “don’t be evil”. In the last few weeks/months, Google has incorporated an AI into their search system. RankBrain is their AI that is being used to resolve non-standard ambiguous queries. Business Insider has a story about it. And they’ve formed a corporate umbrella company named Alphabet to help restructure their operations. — Then the shoe dropped: Anyone remember a recent series of movies about an evil biochemical company that dabbled in DNA, that had a ubiquitous anonymous name of Umbrella Corporation? How about Resident Evil! Ring any bells, have any similarities?

    Other news:

    Fitbit users beware. They use Bluetooth and have a major vulnerability! Fortinet has the writeup.

    According to Gallup, Tea Party membership has been dropping. Well, no shirt sh!tlock. The IRS targeted them, the main culprit Lois Lerner will not be charged, and the investigation has been dropped. In the meantime, the IRS is still holding up paperwork for conservative groups, and the IRS can manipulate your cell phone calls on top of it all.

    Love my country, fear my government. That’s just wrong. Stay safe out there.

  • Popcorn Time

    Well, now that Slow Joe Biden has for-certain decided not to run for President, that leaves the Democrat party, the Party of the People, with two old white fogies running for President. One’s a socialist and the other is a ….. socialist. Like Rand Paul over the last few years, young folks seem to be listening to the Pied Piper known as Bernie Sanders. The mainstream Dems have now had their rug yanked out from under, leaving Hillary! as their current and only realistic option, even if Bernie gives up his Independent party affiliation.

    Which leaves the questions: Is there a ringer in the Dem sidelines waiting for their moment of glory, or will the libs/commies/hippies bite their tongues and vote for Hillary!? And more so, what about the various conspiracies swirling around Hillary? Benghazi, the FOIA that’s revealed much email, the rest of the misuse of her email and privileges, and extending those privileges to her friends and cronies. How much will the Dem voter block be able to ignore and/or deny?

    Will Obama decide to pardon Hillary if she’s convicted? Will the DoJ’s FBI even bring charges, though there’s a ton of incriminating information out there already? Will the Dems even vote for someone who’s going to trial during the election year?

    OTOH, Republicans don’t have many options either, but I’d be happy enough not to have Hillary! as Pres.

    Bring your popcorn, this next year will be very interesting…