Getting What They Want

I’m a little frustrated right now, seeing what’s going on in politics. Two things come to mind in particular: the war on Law Enforcement (LE) and the changes in migration in the US, internal and external.

Folks who seem to most want a Race War are getting what they want. LEs around the US are in a pinch: recruitment has dropped off, and retention is falling precipitously. Same factor in both: It’s Just Not Worth It. Constantly being pursued by lawyers and malcontents for doing their jobs, feeling physically threatened whenever in uniform, and now out of uniform. Nominally sanctioned attacks and killings on police officers. No wonder many are saying “It’s not worth it any more”. So the Race Wars begin, promoted in part by our feckless leadership in the White House and his cronies, along with La Raza (The Race), and other groups. If the US LE population drops below a threshold, will federal LE forces form up and take over? Historically, it’s happened before in other countries…

Internal and external migration is the other issue of concern. The US, in the last 10 years or so, has seen mass movement of people: Some coming into the US, along with a major shift of population internal to the country. Katrina was a huge internal shift of population – large numbers of people un-assed Louisiana and made their temporary move to Texas a permanent move. Political, business, and personal environment in the bluest of states have encouraged mass migration to the more prosperous red states. I’m looking at you, California, New Y0rk, New Jersey, Maryland, etc. And the poor schlubs on the receiving end: Texas, Colorado, Virginia, etc. This mass migration does not change the politics of the migrants, just gives them room to practice the same policies that failed their original state. The migration of people from outside the US to inside the US only exacerbates the problem. Legal migration provides a controlling method for immigrants. Mass-importation of peoples as refugees, and mass illegal migration does not provide the control, and significantly throws off the balance of powers, with no checks-and-balances. The Government decides where these migrant populations wind up, not the folks who are already in the area.

So, the biggest question: Is this planned? If this is such a bad thing, why aren’t our “conservative” representatives pushing to change these policies – punishing those who threaten LEs, and enforcing existing laws regarding illegal entry and residence in the US? (Realizing that internal moves cannot be controlled)

I feel sorry for what my kids and grandkids will be inheriting.