July 4th, Independence Day. July 5th, the Day it Died

My Wife and I are P-O’ed. My one or two readers know that I work in some strange areas, like others that I’ve associated with in the blog-world. Wife does similar work. So we’ve had clearances out the wazoo for a long time. There’s a lot of trust that has been given us over the years, the government trusts us to protect some of our Nation’s most valuable information. We’ve given up a number of our freedoms when we accepted the responsibilities.

But today, all of that has been thrown away, thanks to Hillary Clinton. Somehow, the Director of the FBI, James Comey, twisted multiple laws to state that Hillary did not “intend” to put the information that she and her gang of thieves had access to, at risk of theft or misuse.

Sorry, it doesn’t wash. So, let the memes begin:

The drunk driver did not “intend” to hit the car full of orphaned children.

Ted Kennedy did not “intend” to drown Mary Jo Kopechne when he failed to rescue her from his drunken crash into the creek.

The truck driver in Arizona watching porn on his tablet while driving did not “intend” to kill the folks that he hit.

OJ Simpson did not “intend” to kill his ex-wife.

The list goes on…

When will the madness stop?