Long Silence

Sorry for the lack of posting, it may keep up for a while.

I started blogging on a dare, and kept it up as a form of therapy. Job and personal frustration taken out in an expressive form.

But life always changes. We have a new President, with lots of potential (and not the baggage of the competitor).

The job I took in March has evolved and I’m eyeball-deep in technical work and travel. I may actually accumulate enough points flying to get some free trips at this rate.

Health is very good now a year post-surgery. Weight is a stable 170 lbs and I feel great.

The Zombie Truck is doing fine, nothing exciting there. The RV is also doing well, Wife and I are spending another weekend out on the road. More on that later. And I think I’ve finally gotten the BMW beaten into submission. Big problems were caused by mis-wired oxygen sensors. Harness was swapped left-for-right. But that fouled the catalytic converters, throwing another code. Rebuilt the driver’s seat using parts from three seats. Good seat pads, motor/frame assembly, and leather skins.

But with all the work and travel, blogging will be infrequent from here on out. Don’t be surprised. But don’t give up, I’m still out there lurking on your blogs (but not commenting), reading your new books, and staying behind the scenes keeping up with life in general. And you’ve got an open invite to visit if you wind up in the DC/Maryland area…

One Response to Long Silence

  1. Good to hear from you, and figured you were ass deep… 🙂 Hang in and hang on… See you in Atlanta!