Nearly Resurrected

Well, after over a month of work and a not-insignificant amount of money, the Zombie Truck is once again on all four tires and is able to move under its own power. I got the rear drive shaft today, the front had arrived last Friday. Installed both, filled the transfer case (carefully), and put fluid in the transmission. Except between a new torque converter and the deep sump on the transmission, I ran out of ATF without getting it properly on the dipstick. So I’ll pick up a couple of quarts tomorrow to top it off. I got a surprise and need to find out why my low oil pressure light came on but I have good pressure by the electric pressure gauge. I suspect I bumped off the wire going to the pressure switch. The brakes seem to be properly bled, the pedal is hard and doesn’t allow the truck to move. After adding fluid, torque the front drive shaft, put the interior back together. Pick up and clean tools, sort through parts for keep vs. trash. I’ve now got several hundred pounds of steel to trade in for cash – old springs, shackles and the now deceased transfer case.

The big decision: Do I find some other way to fill the wife’s parking spot in the garage until she decides to get rid of stuff, or just watch her fill up the spot on her own, till she cannot park in the garage any more?


Sorry, didn’t get a more recent photo… Here’s the poor truck still in the air, only one set of springs installed.IMG_1758