Not Dead Yet

No, not dead yet. Just in stasis. Job change, am no longer running to DC every day not working in a vault all the time, and much better company, some neat operations. Maybe more later. Lots of new vehicle news, some big projects. House-work, some camping…

But for today – HOMEWORK. Decide if my arguments are valid or not!

  1. AntiFa = Nazi: Both are nominally left-wing offshoots of Marxism. And the recent political problems stem from the desire to denigrate or disown one over the other, if you don’t want to be branded a Racist or some other irrelevant term.
  2. Universal Basic Income = Sports Participation Award: Show up, have a pulse, get free stuff saying you’re great and deserve recognition. It’s the next step after taxpayer-supported health care, except with the health care, you don’t need a pulse. Or to vote either, for that matter.
  3. Tearing down monuments of Confederates/slaveholders (not always the same) = ISIS: ISIS decided to tear down historical statues/monuments/carvings because they didn’t like them (nominally religions reasons). Someone (next paragraph) thinks it’s a good idea to tear down long-standing monuments (think Stone Mountain), statues, and carvings, because they represent something they don’t like (Southern independence or slavery). In the meantime, they’re actively trying to change history. Interestingly, it’s their own history they’re destroying. See Democrats, Reconstruction, KKK, etc.
  4. Corollary: There are a number of former legislators who were on the side of the KKK and other terrorist-like organization (used terror to achieve political goals). Are the Democrats/Media/AntiFa/etc. willing to disown them, tear down their monuments, rename their buildings, etc?
  5. (Referenced 3) Just who is it that’s decided that all of these statues/monuments/carvings are suddenly an anathema to common sense and a threat to their freedom? The only folks I’m seeing who don’t like these are a few scarce politicians and the talking heads of the Main Stream Media (foo, spit). And some of the crazies in Q.1.

Assignment submissions are due next Monday by noon.

Till then, have a good weekend and keep your head down!


One Response to Not Dead Yet

  1. It’s nihilism writ large… Plain and simple. If they wipe out the past, they then get to determine what IS the past… Sigh…