The Horse has Left the Barn

Well, all of a sudden our Lawmakers discovered that their information is not as well protected as they thought and they’re demanding Immediate Action. Which contravenes what our Intel community wants, which is weakened encryption “to save the chillins'”. Guess what, you can’t have both!

Found here: OPM Hack Hearings – all of a sudden, system security is a priority. Encryption of personal data, officially known as PII, Personally Identifiable Information, is now a priority. Use of two-factor authentication (CAC/PIV and PIN) is a priority.

Guess what Twinkletoes – These were Federal priorities ten years ago and now you’re ten years late to the game. The horse has escaped the barn. This is a dead parrot. You significantly failed to meet Federal guidelines and requirements and have failed to secure something under 20 million people’s personal data. But it gets better (This is repetative for those who have done an SF-86 and EQIP): An SF-86 requires three personal references, not work related, with phone and address. Each employment history listed must have your supervisor and their phone number at a minimum. And each home that you lived at must have a reference person. All for the last ten years minimum, some clearances require longer histories. Do the math to figure out how many people are listed on my SF-86. Something like a dozen people, some with their own clearance, some without. Oh, and your parents, to include their socials, addresses, and phones (if they’re still alive, heh), siblings, spouse, spouse’s family info, foreign relatives, foreign business and banking accounts, etc. Multiply that by 20 million leaked names, then build the network of relationships. 20 million people is around 15% of the US population (roughly 300 mil)? Add a dozen contacts, another two to four family members? You’ve now captured something on the rough order of 30-40% of the US population’s personal information?

Then you piece together and diagram the relations of what you work on, where’ you’ve worked, the relationships with others who have worked in the same organizations, when you got your clearance, what the level of your clearance was, and you can figure out what type of work you have done for the most of your work history.

Now you understand why I’m on such a tear about this???

2 Responses to The Horse has Left the Barn

  1. Yep, the tip of the iceburg… And it’s a BIG sumbitch!!! We are so screwed, and OPM is saying “Oh, encryption wouldn’t have helped.” I call BS!!!

    • Avatar Wandering Neurons
      Wandering Neurons says:

      OPM is SOOOO full of BS, we should paint their buildings BS-Brown. Encryption is mandated, two-factor authenticated is mandated, PII must be protected. And every memo says “do your best to protect your information”. How about YOU do YOUR best to protect OUR information that WE entrusted YOU to protect!
      Time to hit the Fun Show again…
      And now what happened in Charleston SC last night…
      Safe travels!