Veterans Day 2015

Well, Veterans Day this year was uneventful, in that I went to work to bank the holiday time for a later date. But I made some breakthroughs on my email server external connections.

The big thing I think of this day is my family’s service in the military, of which I am very proud. All of my family members that have served, served in the US Army. I’m the oddball having served in the USAF. Oh well.

Of my kids (through my wife’s first marriage), two of the three served in the Army. Our older son did six years working electronics and tank maintenance. Our daughter recently retired from the army after 19-1/2 years (medical with full bennies), and her husband is still in the Army doing special stuff. One of my wife’s siblings was killed in Vietnam two weeks before coming home, also US Army.

My paternal grandfather was old enough to have served in WWI though I don’t know where or what capacity. My father served in WWII in the European Theater toward the end of the war, and I’ve discussed home both here and on OldNFO’s blog (when he passed away). I have a number of my father’s mementos, including medals and a gen-u-wine German Navy high-ranking-officer desert campaign hat in near-perfect condition. My maternal grandfather stayed in the States during WWII, but he was a MD and worked in the hospital patching up the Soldiers coming back for repair. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of his mementos, though I need to check on that.

Years ago my Dad made me a beautiful wooden case that holds three generations of dog tags: His dad’s WWI-vintage circular tag on top with a hole in the back of the case to see the back of the tag, Dad’s tag in the middle, very much like our modern tags, and my tag at the bottom of the three. I’d love to post a picture, but as you can imagine, just a little too much personal information there.

Lots of folks have posted about Veterans Day. All I can say is Thank You for what you have done, and hope that you remember the Oath that you took when you entered the service. It may mean a lot in the future.

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  1. Thanks for your service, and that of your family!!!