Zombie Emergency Response Vehicle

Yes, I have a Zombie Emergency Response Vehicle (ZERV), as seen several years ago on Ma-Rooned.com ZERV at Ma-Rooned. JayG has posted better, newer pictures.

Another one of my projects. Started in 1999 as a 1984 Chevy Suburban (350 gas), modified with a Jurrasic Truck Inc. T-Rex kit bodies, it’s been a challenge and a pleasure to work on, drive, and show off. The truck was one of the first kits to mimic the HMMWV, a.k.a. Hummer H1. But much cheaper to own, operate, and maintain. Supposedly, the CEO did this to provide a source of cheap HMMWV look-alikes for the movie and tv industry. Remember, in the late ’90s, the HMMWV was not available to the public, and the Hummer H1 was incredibly expensive and rare.

Article about the company while it was still in business

Excellent forum discussion with the founder of Jurassic Truck

Another discussion with the founder
ZERT Front


ZERT rear

Yes, there’s a piece of the grill missing, it got busted out when the rope broke, pulling bushes out of the yard.

More to follow…